Hello, my name is Jamie Randall. I was fortunate to have an idyllic childhood growing up on a dairy farm in North Dorset and have enjoyed living in the beautiful surroundings ever since.

Be it a bride and her groom, a ballet dancer, an actor or musician, a landscape, or simply a plate of good food, I aim to capture that ‘magic moment’ in time.

What do we feel when we look at a good photograph? We just want to be there, right at the exact moment that photograph was taken!’ – Mahmet Murat Ildan

 Jamie Randall

Wedding Photography

I know that your wedding day is a day to remember forever. As a result, I feel that you will want a photographer with which you will feel comfortable and at ease. Being selected as your photographer gives me a unique and privileged opportunity to fully capture one of the most important days of your lives.

I aim to capture the emotion as the day unfolds of your special day, in a traditional yet contemporary way. From the informal shots of the bride preparing to guests arriving at the church, to the more formal shots in order to record your day, all to be undertaken in an unobtrusive manner whenever possible.

Prices range from £850 to £1600 for a full day coverage

I can offer a range of different packages to suit your needs and budget, including a second photographer, or video-photographer which can be arranged. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.


Event Photography

The service I provide:


Commercial / Product Photography

‘The whole point of taking pictures is that you don’t have to explain with words.’ Elliot Erwith

The right image helps bring your product(s) to the fore, and enables you to engage with your clientele, and in this way, helps you to maximize your exposure in an increasingly busy and cluttered world, that is now social media.

If you are interested, in using my services to help capture your products or business, I can offer different packages to best suit your needs and budget. Please contact me, so I can discuss your requirements.